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If You Have Cellulite Then This Is Something You Deserve To Know:

My name is Robert Angelo and in the next 5 minutes, you’ll discover the real reason why you have cellulite AND the system you need to reverse it…

Cellulite is unpleasant to say the least. What’s worse… it’s not your fault! It’s unfair, and you shouldn’t have to feel self-conscious about this any longer.

Science has now discovered there are 3 unique problems women face when trying to get rid of cellulite.

The #1 unique problem you face… is weak Connective Tissue.

You may not know what Connective Tissue is or how it works, so let me quickly

Connective Tissue’s job is to hold the fat in place beneath the skin… think of it like the “glue” that holds everything together.

  • Strong, healthy Connective Tissue forms a barrier to support the fat beneath your skin, allowing you to maintain a smooth, firm lower body.
  • Weak or damaged Connective Tissue causes the fat to push through unevenly, allowing cellulite to build up and forming mushy lumps and dimples.

Researches have now discovered that women’s Connective Tissue fibers in your lower body run vertically up and down…

So, even the slightest weakness causes fat to push through resulting in cellulite!

Men’s Connective Tissue fibers run in a crisscross pattern. This forms a sort of mesh which is the reason why men are mostly spared from cellulite.

And weak Connective Tissue is only 1 of 3 unique problems women face…

The #2 unique problem you face… is Cellulite Build-Up.

The US National Library of Medicine states:

“Cellulite adipose [fat] tissue is physiologically and biochemically different from subcutaneous [fat] tissue found elsewhere in the body.”

Which in simple words, means the lumpy, mushy Cellulite Build-Up – is not your average body fat.

Jill Rapuzzi, of Vanderbilt University, explains cellulite as being…

“composed of gel-like lumps of water, fat and residues of toxic substances that should have been eliminated from the body.”

You see, the fact is, your cellulite is very different to ordinary fat and should not be treated the same way.

I mean, have you ever tried to get rid of cellulite with conventional methods like calorie restricted diets or long cardio exercise?

Only to find it makes little or no noticeable difference at all…

That’s because this Cellulite Build-Up responds very differently and can’t easily be “burned off” using conventional methods.

Plus: your Cellulite Build-Up gets worse and worse the longer it’s left untreated… so you must flush it out as soon as you can.

The #3 unique problem you face… is Muscular Atrophy.

When your muscles don’t get the stimulation they need, they become soft, mushy and sometimes a bit “jiggly”.

The longer your muscles don’t receive the stimulation they need, the more they atrophy… which quite literally means “waste away” under your skin.

So, To Quickly Recap…

Unique Problem #1 you face is weak Connective Tissue. This causes fat to push through unevenly, allowing cellulite to build up and resulting in mushy lumps and dimples.

Unique Problem #2 you face is Cellulite Build-Up… which is very different to ordinary body fat and must be reduced in a very different way.

And, Unique Problem #3 you face is Muscular Atrophy beneath your cellulite problem areas. The muscle is wasting away, resulting in a soft, mushy texture.

The Fact Is:

Your female genetics have made it very difficult for you to avoid cellulite because of your female Connective Tissue make up.

And, without the right system, it can be virtually impossible to get rid of once you have it because of Cellulite Build-Up and Muscular Atrophy.

You see, without knowing how to reverse these 3 problems, you’re destined to fight a losing battle with cellulite every time you attempt to get rid of it!

And I’m sure you can now truly understand why this is totally not your fault.

“Yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel…”

What if I told you there now is a way to turn the tables on these 3 problems by restoring Connective Tissue, reducing Cellulite Build-Up and reversing Muscular Atrophy…

Making your legs, butt, hips and thighs… firmer, tighter and smoother… with no more mushy lumps, dimples or sagging skin!

Can you imagine how much faster and easier it is to get rid of cellulite when everything is working for you, instead of against you?

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