Why Do Women Have a Harder Time Losing Weight Than Men?

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Every pound of muscle mass your body carries, burns an average of 73 more calories per day. Men naturally have more muscle mass than women, which helps them burn fat faster.


  1. Jen

    Ahh, this makes so much sense. I actually didn’t realize that women lost weight slower than men, but now I wonder how I didn’t see it. Kind of a bummer that we’re expected to be skinnier too.

  2. Tina

    I agree with this. That is why when I workout, my goal is to add more muscles in me. Some girls are afraid of lifting weights or working out because they don’t want to get more muscles and look like those weighlifting buddies. But not me. I sure don’t want all that muscles but I can definitely add some to have a toned and lean body.

  3. Ana

    When I was trying to lose weight and hit a plateau, a friend of mine that is a fitness instructor told me add weight training to your routine. I did just that and it made huge difference. It’s not just about how hard you exercise it’s about how smart you exercise too. Plus each one of us is different so you need to tweak your routine to your body’s needs.

  4. Melissa

    It took me a much more time to lose a bit of weight, thanks for actually telling me why I don’t lose as much as weight as my male friends.

  5. Mariah

    This is extremely interesting. It is something that I have never actually seen reason to before but it makes perfect sense after watching the video. It helps make sense as to why muscle building is important in exercise for women.

  6. Katie

    That is so not fair! I was in pretty good shape when I met my guy but he is very athletic and muscular and loves to work out. He is just naturally that way and there is no way I could ever compete with him. I don’t see fat anywhere on his body. I enjoy working out too when I feel good. I had two kids with him and have had all sorts of trouble trying to get rid of excess fat and it frustrates me. He does love lifting weights though so that makes sense why he has such a better metabolism. I will have to show him this video though and it does make me feel a bit better and now I know that I had better get to working out with some weights myself.

  7. Lindsay

    People don’t realize that women’s body are created to store fat so we can provide nutrients for growing a baby and feeding that baby. Now that women don’t have babies one after the other, we don’t need to use that fat but evolution hasn’t caught up with that yet.
    My husband and I both needed to lose a lot of weight, he lost 4 stone and I lost 2.5. I then ended up placing 1 stone back on but he is still slim.
    I hate being so over weight and he tells me to just eat the same as him but he doesn’t get it. Time to lift that muscle mass up I think!

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