The Belly Fat Dilemma

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Does your belly size give you stress because it prevents you from wearing your summer outfit? Most women have this problem when they have excess belly fat. Having belly fat can make you look out of proportion, which is not a “popular” look nowadays.

If you do find you’ve put on a few pounds around your mid-section, here are three things to look at first.

It all starts with an unhealthy lifestyle that includes too much eating, insufficient exercise and other unhealthy activities can result in fat accumulating around the waist and stomach. Here are some of the main factors:

1. Unhealthy lifestyle:

  • Having an unhealthy lifestyle can make a person fat. It can also lead you to have many serious health conditions, increasing the chances that you can die young because you are prone to some diseases. Diseases which, to an extent, are preventable. To avoid having belly fat you must go outside the house and try to exercise. You can also try some fun activities like jogging, dancing, running and joining many weight loss activities. Doing such activities you can lose weight and reduce the size of your waist. Keep moving and exercise to avoid having a big belly.

2. Too much Eating:

  • Another cause that can make your stomach fat is overeating. You must remember that you should eat to provide enough nutrients and vitamins to your body but if you are eating too much then it can surely make your waist increase its size. It is one of the main reasons of developing this fat. Aside from the increase of your waistline size too much eating can also cause you to gain weight and look fat. Eating foods with too much calorie counts can make you gain weight and increase your body size. You must have a proper amount of food intake and get some physical activities so that you can prevent the development of your fat. Watch your food intake so that you can control the calorie count of your foods. You must also avoid eating too much because it can lead you to food addiction.

3. Hereditary:

  • Genetics can also cause a person to have belly fat. Sometimes, if the cause of the development of this fat is because of hereditary it can be hard to avoid having it. Hereditary plays a role in the distribution of the fats in the body. If you have a apple-shaped body type then there is a tendency that the fats will store in your midsection which lead to belly fat. If you have pear-shaped body type then tendency that fat will generally build up in you lowers body parts.

If you want to have a small waistline then you must exercise and eat enough healthy foods. If you have belly fat then the very first thing you should do, is start eating a healthier diet. Cut out all the processed foods and make an effort to eat 5 pieces of fruit everyday and a salad at lunch. You should then start an exercise program, you can find many good ones online, or, better yet, hire a personal trainer.

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  1. Nancy

    I think bloating is also important to consider. For example, I always thought I had a bit of a gut…turns out I was just very bloated. If your gut doesn’t quite match your girth in other places, consider checking if you’re bloated and eliminate what causes it, and see if it makes any difference.

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