How To Lose Visceral Stomach Fat

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Shake off stubborn stomach fat…

The most stubborn kind of fat to get rid of is the one that forms on the abdominal area. While many women manage to lose weight from all the other parts of their body by maintaining a healthy diet and following a regular fitness routine, the flab on the stomach seems to hardly ever budge.

This type of fat is especially troublesome. It collects within the body (not on the outside). It’s known scientifically as visceral fat and can be very hazardous to your health… if left unchecked.

Visceral fat comes with the risk of varied health complications that could lead to deadly cardiovascular diseases, Type 2 diabetes or Colorectal cancer. Which is why we are going to give you two tips which will help you lose your visceral fat and by-doing-so reduce the risk of health problems.

What’s more, of course, it will give you a much slimmer, sexier looking body and help you fit in to that bikini you’d like to wear!

Eat Right, Exercise More:
If you are a woman who has spent most of her life following a healthy lifestyle, i.e. doing regular exercise and eating clean, then chances are you may have less less abdominal fat. However, if you are like most of us, then you may have “let yourself go” a little and enjoyed a little too much of the foods you love. Well, from here on out, make small chances which – when done over time – will make dramatic differences to our figure and side-step nasty health problems before they come up.

  1. A healthy, nutritious diet and a daily workout routine, a part of your life for good if you want to avoid the hassles of wearing loose clothes or sucking in your stomach uncomfortably so that your pot belly doesn’t show. Doing cardio and light weight training for a minimum of half an hour to one hour per day, does wonders for the body in the long run.
  2. As far as diet is concerned, make sure your portions are small to medium and that your food is devoid of saturated fats, trans fats and simple carbohydrates like those found in refined-grain pasta, sugary drinks and white bread. Make fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins from boiled or steamed fish and chicken a huge part of your daily consumption.

Sleep Right, Take Care Of Yourself:
A huge part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is getting adequate sleep at night. 7-8 Hours of undisturbed, continuous sleep helps in the long term and creates the perfect balance of work, play and rest. Your body needs this time to recover, rebuild itself and regenerate for the next day. There are, of course, also psychological processes which are carried out whilst you sleep… which lead to all those wacky dreams you have every night!

Unfortunately many people confuse rest time with fiddling with their electronic gadgets or mindlessly sitting in front of the idiot box. This actually stimulates your brain and wakes it up again! Which is not the best thing to do just before bed time. In fact, what you should be doing, is dimming down the lights and getting your body ready for a good nights sleep. Think about how we would have naturally slept for thousands of years, before the invention of electricity an unnatural lighting. We would sleep and wake with the sun. By keeping to this same cycle (the best we can) we’ll maintain a healthier more natural lifestyle.  A lifestyle which will help us shed unwanted fat and  maintain a healthy wait naturally.

Discipline is the key for reaping the benefits of good health and you need to make a schedule for maintaining a good diet, exercise and sleep routine. One way of keeping yourself in your routine, is by making it inevitable that you will do what you need to do. For example, if you want to make sure that you will show up for your workouts, find a training partner and agree to meet at a specific time to train. You’ll be much more likely to show up when you know a friend of yours is waiting for you! You could also hire a personal trainer and pay them 2 months in advance. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on something you’ve already paid for…

The Big Myth About “Ab Exercises” And Reducing Visceral Fat:
A myth that many tend to believe is that doing abdominal exercises such as sit-ups and crunches will eliminate visceral fat. However, while they make the stomach part firmer and appear flatter, they certainly do not remove visceral fat. Performing such exercises is still better than not doing them as they help in burning calories and thereby indirectly burn fat. The focus should be on reducing the overall body fat by doing moderate intensity physical activity so that the belly fat is eventually reduced too.

Spot reductions do not work. You can’t just point at your belly and say “please start burning fat there”. It doesn’t work like that. You can, however, burn fat from all over your body with a health eating plan and a regular workout routine.


  1. Patricia

    I really wish there was a shortcut or magic that can remove my visceral fat. This is the problem that I got four years now and I am trying hard, but seems so hard to achieve. I will try to change my health eating plan to a more veggies and fruits combined.

    • Sally

      Reduce the amount of starch you take,cut on processed foods especially wheat,avoid red meat,minimize cooking oil or use olive oil,eat lots of green vegetables ,avoid sugar completely and replace it with honey,finally use apple cider every morning before eating anything ,plus exercises and mantain is working for me .

  2. ella

    Shouldn’t there be a pill for this by now? I work hard to keep a flat stomach, but I can see it start coming back any time I take time away from the gym. It happens quickly!

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