The Truth about the Lemon DETOX Diet

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This hottest diet vogue has become phenomenal…

Hollywood celebrities like Beyonce Knowles and Mariah Carey have all taken this DETOX Diet.

There have been claims that some have lost weight and that there may possibly be some cleansing benefits. But it’s unclear.

Many doctors and experts point out that this is more of a starvation program, because it involves starving the body of food which of course leads to dramatic weight loss. Of course, when you stop, the weight may well come back on.

In fact, this diet has been here for five decades but has been called all sorts of different names and appeared in many different forms over the years.

From what we can see, the claims have definitely been increased to make it sound like some kind of miracle solution. While, it seems more likely that the lack of food intake is the only reason for the short-term lose of weight. And, I might point out, it doesn’t necessarily mean that fat has been burned off. It may just been water weight that has been lost.

It was formulated by the late Stanley Burroughs in 1976. This naturalist from California advocated the concept of natural health.

The initial formula consisted of drinking water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. It was designed primarily for patients afflicted with stomach ulcers. Burroughs prescribed the solution for 11 days.

Women must drink the liquids and avoid solid food completely. The purpose is to stop weighing down the body with solids that consume energy reserves. It is said to cleanse internal organs and help you attain balance.

Essentially, it is the body which carries out the cleansing and revival with the beverage acting as supplement. Nourishing substances restore bio-chemical and mineral equilibrium in the various cells and tissues. The fluids are integrated into the bloodstream and facilitate washing out wastes from the digestive tract.

The lemon is acidic which helps in the procedure of cleansing just like detergent that dissipates surplus fats. On the other hand, cayenne (red-hot pepper) hastens metabolism and enhances blood circulation. It is said that Lemon DETOX Diet has the capacity to diminish the possibility of ailments associated with stomach conditions, issues in the blood and food digestion.

It is recommended by experts that those who finish detoxification should start consuming a nutritious diet, engage in exercises and get involved in stress reduction programs. As preparation for this diet, start by eating veggies to make cleansing easier. Refrain from drinking coffee and soda. Take Vitamin B-5 to avert headaches which normally occurs as symptom of withdrawal from caffeine.

There are side effects that you should be careful of. The absence of protein in this DETOX can lead to muscle mass loss and feeling of being famished. That is why your tendency is to eat more after the cleansing and put on more weight. Most nutritionists claim the diet is unsafe because it does not provide your body with vital nutrients on a regular basis.

On the contrary, some herbalists maintain that this is a short-term diet which will not affect your health. It is up to you to make the judgment regarding this regime.

Before doing a detox, you should be sure to check with your Doctor. Some of these “extreme” programs offering fast results can be hazardous to your health. It is, therefore, recommended that you seek your Doctor’s permission before venturing onto this, or any other detox program.

While detox programs have been documented and shown to provide some health benefits, it is generally not advised to do more than two every year. And, as previously mentioned, check with a licensed medical practitioner first.


  1. Irish

    I certainly agree that there might be some problem in the process if you don’t eat solid food unless if you are a millionaire or a celebrity that can afford a private doctor to monitor your health then why not take the risk. Unless if your doctor will not approve it, then do use detox.

    • Mohammad

      It is recommended u drink 2ltrs of lemon drink as well as 2 ltrs of pure water. It helps? elimanite more toxins. I’m on day 8 now. I follow the instructions drink 5ltrs of liquid a day (1ltr of salt water, 2ltrs of the lemon drink 2ltrs of pure water, + a cup of mint tea senna tea). I wear a massaging exercise belt for 1/2 hr a day which gets more muck off the my insides, I elimanite more. You are probably finished your detox. I hope you did well followed the instructions safely.

  2. Hannah Barnes

    Fasting has been used a lot over history. So long as you do your research and are sensible about it, I think a lemon detox is OK. You just need to alter your expectations of what you can do during this time – your energy levels will not be like usual!

  3. Ana

    Lemon detox diet is one of my favorite detox diets. Even though this is probably a short term diet, it can definitely help you to flush out harmful toxins from your body. I have always loved lemon, so I have no problem with following lemon detox diet.

  4. Penelope

    Interesting… I think I am going to give it a shot. I know this website has a lot of followers since I found a lot of its posts really helpful, especially to those who wants to lose weight.

  5. Diane potts

    Starvation plans don’t work for the rest of the world like they do for celebs. They have a staff of nutritionists and trainers to keep an eye on them whereas we don’t. I avoid any diet that calls for starving myself.

    • Reina

      I am the same way, I am not a serial scale wehgeir and I care abt the inches not the lbs and deinitely the detox. Today marks day 4 for me exactly and I am not as hungry. Since I have started this diet, it has been impossible for me to drink the minimum of 6 cups of lemonade per day. The most I have had in 1 day is 5 cups and that was bcs I worked out some. I won’t weigh myself until Day 14 bcs thats how long I am going to do the cleanse.?

  6. Maggie

    I used this same diet when I was in my twenties. But now being much older and wiser I don’t see the point of starving myself in order to lose 5 pounds which will be gained the minute I start eating normal again. I made a commitment to eat healthy and that is a much safer way to lose weight. I recommend starting slow like cutting out something unhealthy (like soda) first, then cut out chips, junk food etc. and you will lose the weight. Maybe not in a day or two but they pounds will come off in a healthy way.

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