How to Kick Start Your Metabolism

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Those that exercise regularly usually are those that take their health seriously. They tend to limit sugar, carbs and cholesterol while eating healthy fats and plenty of produce. This individual, whom more than likely exercise three or more times a week, probably has a fast metabolism that burns calories quickly. For the rest of us, we want to be like them and there is good news—we can be.

One of the ways you can boost your metabolism is by getting extra sleep. For most of us, we may only sleep 6-7 hours a night. In order for our metabolism to run faster, we should try to get around 8-9 hours a night. Think of your metabolism as your body’s engine. What you put into your body is the fuel and when you sleep, your engine’s battery is at recharging. Sleep may act as fuel as well, and when we do not get enough, we may appear groggy, which causes the engine to run slow.

Likewise, eating breakfast will always increase your metabolism. I am not talking about pop tarts or sugary breakfast items here. Try to choose breakfast food that is nutritious such as produce, oatmeal or healthy cereals. For many, this is the most important meal of the day. You are fueling your engine, so to speak, so that your brain will be more active and you will be able to focus on everything you have to do. In addition, it may help prevent those early-afternoon cravings from the vending machines. I like a candy bar as much as anyone does else, but c’mon now; we all know that is empty calories, right?

Drink water and more water. I am guilty of not doing enough of this, but it really is necessary. The reason we get hungry in the early-afternoons is that we are dehydrated from not drinking enough water. In fact, this simple beverage may actually cause us to gain weight if we do not get enough of it. Crazy, isn’t it? I always try to keep some by me when I am at my computer, and I always take water to work. I have given up soda for it, and that is a big step for me.

Furthermore, in order to increase your metabolism, try to distress after a hard day. I know this is not always easy. Life always interjects problems into our relationships, finances and so on, but try to make this a daily commitment. For a few moments, try to sit in a quiet room and meditate or do some yoga exercises. Play a game on your tablet or bury yourself knee-deep in your favorite hobby. It is important to take a break and reflect on the day. Then, take a breath and exhale all that unnecessary stress.

Also, do not forget about your daily diet. Do your best to fill it with lean proteins, fruits and vegetables and dairy products. If you can, try to quit eating all the processed foods that you buy in the grocery store. If you shop the perimeter of the store, then it is going to a much healthier way of living. Your metabolism is going to skyrocket and love you for ditching those starchy, fatty and high cholesterol foods. Your waistline will thank you, as well, as you start to lose weight.

Your metabolism is going to turn around if you make all these changes. You are going to notice that you feel more active and more alert. You are not going to feel as fatigued, and life is going to seem so much better. A high metabolism is really going to benefit you by not only living healthy, but it might make you live longer—and that is always a bonus.

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  1. Alexis

    Getting an average of eight to nine hours of sleep per day is the ultimate. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day in our family. Also, I grew up in a family where breakfast and dinner were the most important meals of the day.
    We usually always ate very light lunches, though.Once I became an adult, say about thirtyish, my mom flipped the script.Now she believes in having a heavy breakfast and a very light dinner.
    Now I do my own thing.However, I still believe that breakfast is really important. Next, I try to stay away from processed foods. And, I am working on drinking more water.That is really important.
    Last but not least, yoga is really relaxing. I like it as long as I do not get to the point where I twist myself like a pretzel and get stuck.

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