Fat-burning foods to lose weight

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Diet and weight loss never seem to come easy. It’s hard to know which foods are the right foods to reach that goal weight. In the beginning, it should all be about burning fat and trying to get into that  smaller jean size. These fat-burning foods are a fantastic way to boost your body’s metabolism. Most of these foods you’re probably already familiar with and will find it easy to incorporate into your diet, while other foods may be a bit of a surprise. Whatever the case, you are well on your way to a stronger, healthier way of living. Let’s get to burning those calories!

First, gelatin is most well-known as the power in boxes that makes homemade jell-o. Within this low-calorie snack, however, are well-hidden non-inflammatory amino acids. These amino acids consist of glycine, glutamic acid, proline and alanine. While your body does have the capability to produce all of these, the liver needs these to function normally. It helps your body “flush” the toxins out of your system, which is helpful when we want to shed those unwanted pounds.


Whole grains are also a great choice to eat when trying to lose weight. Foods such as brown rice, popcorn and buckwheat are all excellent choices. In fact, your body burns whole grains twice as fast then it does when it breaks down processed foods. This is because processed foods are much higher in fat, cholesterol, sodium and carbohydrates. The body has to work harder to break it down, which may delay your weight loss.

Oatmeal may be a wonderful snack to burn fat and boost your metabolism. Plain rolled-oats is the healthiest oatmeal that you can eat because it’s low in carbohydrates. When it’s sweetened with berries, which are stocked full of nutrients and vitamins, oatmeal has the tendency to supply you with a lot of energy.  This would be a great food to eat to start your day or to crave that mid-day hunger. In addition, oatmeal lowers cholesterol and helps filter out the bad fat from your body.


On another note, sweet potatoes may not be a hearty vegetable to overlook as healthy vegetable. This low-calorie potato has a high-water content. In essence, this is going to help you lose weight much faster because water takes up the majority of room in your stomach. Also, sweet potatoes are going to leave you feeling fuller longer, which is going to decrease your appetite. Sweet potatoes also consider a considerable amount of fiber, which helps you prevent overeating at meals.

Turkey is another wonderful food if you are trying to lose some weight. A four-ounce serving of white meat only has 177 calories, while dark meat has 211 calories. Turkey is one food that relies on preparation to be healthy, however. For instance, some ground turkey contains the turkey skin. This can add fat content into the meat, which you want to look out at the supermarket. If you want lean turkey, however, go for the breast meat. The fiber and protein in the turkey are going to leave you full regardless.


Yogurt is an excellent fat-burning food for those that want to try something different. This handy breakfast food or snack is packed full of protein, calcium, zinc and many other vitamins. You can use it in recipes to make sauces, dips, toppings or stuffings. While some brands of yogurt may have high-calories, yogurt has probiotics. This is the friendly bacteria that’s going to keep our immune system healthy.

Also, pumpkins are considered a fat-burning food. This seasonal fruit helps slow down your digestion, which makes you feel fuller for much longer. Canned pumpkin, which doesn’t contain any sugar, is available year round. This opens the window to a whole year of pumpkin treats such as pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin butter or pumpkin chili.

Fish and sardines have always been known to help fight unwanted fat. While many enjoy fish such as cod or salmon, sardines often leave a bad taste in their mouth. This might be because sardines are more oily than other fish. Studies show that if fish products are ate at least three times a week, then it regulates a person’s appetite. This could be beneficial if you combine it with exercise.


Grapefruit is also a food not to excuse for weight loss. Many may have been turned off from grapefruit because of the high sugar content. Its fiber helps curb your appetite, however, and keep you fuller for longer. Just eating half a grapefruit at a meal can accelerate your weight loss. If you did this for several days, you would be well on your way to losing weight.

Furthermore, you may want to consider eggs as a fat-burning food. The secret to eggs is their protein, which is recognized as energy in the body. Protein helps you build muscle mass as you start losing your weight. Protein also decreases your appetite, which are going to do a fat better job than carbohydrates. So go ahead; have eggs for dinner.


Finally, do not forget about coconuts. This delicious fruits comes in many varieties such as shredded coconut, coconut milk or coconut oil. Researches have studied coconut oil in the sense that helps reduce unwanted abdominal fat. In fact, those that consume 2 tablespoons of coconut oil daily consistently see a smaller waistline in than others who do not follow this routine.

It’s important to remember that we can not lose weight just by eating. While these foods target a specific area of our body, they are not a substitute for an exercise program. You’re going to want to exercise to see the results you are expecting. Furthermore, the majority of fruits, vegetables and lean meats are considered fat-burning foods. While those that have water are better, those that have fiber are just as awesome. Incorporate several of these into your diet. They’re going to benefit you in more ways than just burning fat. They’re going to keep you healthy and help you maintain that weight loss—which is what you want to do.


  1. Jessie

    WOW! I was very curious to hear what this list of fat burning foods would contain but I sure wasn’t expecting gelatin! Who knew it can flush the toxins from my body?! I’m going to introduce this into my diet for sure.

    Also did not know that sweet potatoes are good for losing weight. I guess you are right about the fact that they will make you feel fuller longer. I haven’t eaten this in 1-2 years I think, but I am going to start eating it weekly.

    I wonder if pumpkin seeds are also good for this because I eat a lot of them. Whenever I feel hungry between meals, I go get a couple of seeds and I feel full after a couple of minutes.

  2. Chloe

    There are a lot more foods on here than I thought there would be. I’m rather picky when it comes to foods that I do and don’t like, so I thought I’d be finding more things like, grapefruit, on the list. I’m sorry, no matter how much it might help me loose weight I’m not going to eat grapefruit. But I can eat popcorn, fish, eggs, whole grain breads, etc. Thank you for the great list.

    • Jose

      by others here. For every gram of dtiraey fiber consumed, you will flush 7 calories from your system through elimination.If you were to eat a normal amount of food (good food) say 2000 calories,but 40 grams of fiber, say a orange(10gr) apple(5gra) wholebread(5gr per slice=10), maybe fiber snack bar(10) pear(5) just example, you also eat a small amount of protien (chicken, fish etc, no skin) ok so now you formulate the grams of fiber at 40grams, 40 times 7 =280,,,,,,,,ok calorie intake is 2000,,,,,,, 2000 minus 280(calories lost through stool elimination) equals1720 calories . You do however still need to burn those calories through some sort of movement, housework, excersize, etc, whatever you normally do, for every movement theres a certain amount of calorie loss(ok not really loss, but use.) Also eating small portions several times a day helps, eat some thing every two to three hours during the day, it keeps the metabolism working throuhout the entire day, so the body constantly burns calories.

  3. Marnie

    Coconut oil is so good for you. I use it in all my cooking and also add ground coffee beans to it and use it as a body scrub. It leaves my skin so soft. Yogurt and sweet potato are on my daily menu as well. I love it when I read an article about healthy things and I already have them as part of my diet, it makes me feel like I am on the right track.

    • Tori

      The voice of raltonatiiy! Good to hear from you.

  4. Kate

    I replaced mayo and heavy cream with yogurt a long time ago. Mayo didn’t do it for me taste wise, it was just too fat, and this helped me ditch stomach fat. My abs are way more defined and I achieved this without working out more or skipping meals.

    My body tolerates dairy products pretty good so I eat as much as I can. I start my day with some yogurt and fruits and then have one or two snacks with yogurt and various nuts I have handy. Cheap, effective and very healthy, especially if you make your own yogurt from time to time.

    • Ziarre

      You’ve really helped me unearstdnd the issues. Thanks.

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