Effective Ways to Get Rid of the Cellulite on Your Butt and Thighs

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As you probably already know, Cellulite is the accumulation of cells pushing against the connective tissues that lie under the skin. This sort of concentration in women is generally found on the back of the thighs and buttock area. Although, it can also venture it’s way up the the lower stomach… and even lower back!

The cellulite in the butt area can be a major problem for your self-confidence and esteem. It’s embarrassing to have mushy, and kinda disgusting-looking butt and thighs. I know women who have come to me in tears because of the way it made them feel and the embarrassment and shame they felt.

But, in truth, it really isn’t your fault. And, if you discover how to get rid of cellulite safely (and naturally) you can finally feel confident and get on with your life again.

There are some effective ways to get rid of your butt and thigh cellulite following a combination of exercise regime, nutritious eating, detoxification, and skincare methods.


  • Cardiovascular Workouts: Cardio training is a highly effective, and somewhat under-used, way to deal with cellulite and, at the same time, burn fat and build lean muscle tone. Target the hamstring muscle contraction through cycling, jogging, swimming, rowing, stair climbing etc. Cardio training should be taken at least for four days per week for about 45 minutes per day.
  • Weight Training: Practice heavier weight lifting training under a professional practitioner who can specially prepare a list of exercises you can take up at the gym. The weight training (apart from fat loss) provides effective muscle toning to provide a firmer shape to your butt. At exactly the same time it is burning fat from your body, it also combats cellulite by pushing the muscle up and again the skin, leaving smoother looking legs and thighs… with no bumps or dimples!

Nutritious Eating:

  • Hydration: Prevent dehydration that can disturb your fat loss goals. Drink a glass of water early in the morning when you have an empty stomach. During the rest of the day, try to take 6 to 8 glasses of water as per the physical activities. Always carry a water bottle while moving out.
  • Dehydration is one of the biggest problem for women today. Remember — your body is made up of 70% water, which means, you need to consume a LOT of it to keep a high water-balance. If you don’t, then expect to feel tired and run down, when you should feel energetic and great! And, of course, this will extenuate cellulite and can derail your efforts of ever getting rid of it.
  • Fresh Fruits and Veggies: Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially the green leafy ones. They are low in calories and high in nutrition content. The juicy fruits are high in water content and provide natural sugar in the body that can keep you energized for the daily activities.
  • Include fruit and vegetable salads with a bit of olive oil seasoning which is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids that helps to maintain a younger looking skin and assist the body in releasing fat stores from the cells.
  • Smoothie Diet: The dietitians are now focusing on a smoothie or juice diet for butt cellulite reduction. Smoothies can be prepared with fresh yogurt, spinach, citrus fruits, almonds etc. They retain the goodness and nutrition of the ingredients intact. They are tasty and easy to consume quickly. Hence it is tasty and healthy way for you to battle your cellulite.

The easiest detoxification method that helps to reduce the cellulite on your butt and thighs, is dry brushing. You need to brush the entire body and focus on the areas that have more cellulite concentration such as buttocks and thighs. This improves the blood circulation and releases fat stores from the butt. Take a shower after this to release the toxins. Try applying scrubs in the buttock areas at least once in a week to release more fat stores.

The above mentioned multiple dimensional butt cellulite reduction program will help you achieve the results faster compared to taking any single initiative. In regards to the diet, avoid fast food and packaged junk food that are high in calories.

To acquire faster results through exercising routines, it is wise to go through training under some professional who can teach the right postures and movements to be practiced. The trainer periodically changes your routine as you pass through different phases of the cellulite loss program.

Start now, by putting at least one of these things into action in your life. When you have started the new and healthy habit, and one more of these things. Before you know it, you will have a habit of living a healthy lifestyle, which will, there-by, reduce your cellulite to the point that it can no longer be noticed. And, in some cases, can even eliminate it completely.


  1. Sophie

    First of all Wow, the photo looks great… who doesn’t want to look like that? i know i want to, i am size 10 uk size and i won’t mind size 8, that is my goal for this year after having a baby last year i’ve gain some weight, i am doing a lot of Cardio training for 45 with JM and i can see result already after 4 weeks, i have increased water intake and i feel ever so energetic, love your site… it has great to tips lose weight and keeping healthy

  2. yolanda perez

    When you think about it, the butt and thighs shouldn’t be that difficult to tone since they are used so often but they really are hard to target. I like that you gave us some useful ways to work them and hopefully they will help me out.

  3. Ashley

    Keeping my butt and thighs in shape is one of the hardest parts of working out, I really want to have that toned butt that everyone is looking for. I really needed a guide for nutrition as my eating habits suck. I will definitely look over this article for help.

  4. Erica

    Geez! I really hate to see my butt having those cellulites everywhere. I can’t wait to remove it or at least lessen so I can wear my two piece. I also want to ask is there any fast way or cream that I can apply?

  5. Katinca

    I’m feeling blessed right now because I don’t really have any cellulite on my butt or thighs! Maybe this is because I tend to eat at least 2-3 fruits daily (like apples, bananas, kiwis). I only use olive oil for everything and I also always drink at least 10 glasses of water daily. All of these things keep me healthy and are also probably keeping the cellulite away!

  6. Samantha

    After my baby birth 5 months ago, I gained much fat in my thighs and butt obviously due to pregnancy. But after that I started light exercise and cardio under my physician guidance and from last month I started bike riding for at least half an hour in the morning so it keeps your butt and specially thighs toned.

  7. Alicia

    Does cream help to get rid of cellulite? I honestly have a problem with my butt area and I will try the exercise stuff, but I was hoping if I could put some cream on it while I am on a program. Do you have any suggestion?

  8. Sharon

    I agree with the whole of this article. I also want to add, SQUATS, squat like crazy people and if you think you can’t do anymore, do another 10.

    I totally need to cut down on caffeine as I know that isn’t good for cellulite but I don’t think I’d function until 2am every day without it.

  9. tori

    I like to combine squats with healthy eating, it gives me a nicely shaped butt that doesn’t have that sagging effect us women get at a certain age. I am going to try a detox diet to help get rid of those little fat pockets that just won’t go away.

  10. Piper

    Running, wall sits, barbell goodmornings, and eating clean have always worked well for me when I need to get rid of cellulite creepy up on my thighs.

  11. Angelina

    It’s always good to stay healthy and hydrated at all times.

    Thanks for the tips!

  12. Dana

    I have yet to find a cellulite cream that works. I’ve tried store bought creams and homemade creams – heck I’ve even tried making one out of coffee based on a recipe I found online. Nothing. Guess I’ll just have to live with it.

  13. Maria Pia Lizio

    3 years before I tried to do exercises to reduce my cellulite on my butt…. but at that i had a baby with 6 months old…. Really I am saying that time I could not continue the exercises. I know if i did… I can reduce. But what to do that time no helpers to take care of my kid. That luckily I came to know about the Dermalmd serum for reduce cellulite. It was very simple to use for me. with in a month i got my butt back. Super!!!

  14. Katarina Nieszery

    One of the best way to get rid of cellulite naturally with DermalMD Cellulite Cream, and i love this this cellulite cream. Smells good. absorb quickly and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.

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