Why Don’t Diet Plans Work? … and what to do about it

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It’s a fact of life… women seem to be always dieting! Whether it’s for a wedding, after having a baby, or getting ready for swimsuit season, it seems we just really aren’t very happy with the way our body looks!

You also may choose to diet for health reasons – someone who has just discovered they have diabetes, for example, may have to go on a sugar free diet, while another individual has to start living a gluten free lifestyle.

There are all sorts of diet plans, and what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. So how do you find the right one for you?

If you do a search for “best diet plans for women” using googles search engine, you come up with over 93,000 results. If you have tried diet after diet, hoping for that magical fix that would produce the perfect figure, a healthy feeling, and an energy level you haven’t seen for years, you know it just doesn’t work very well. The big question is WHY?

The answer is really quite simple. Going on a diet is almost always a certain way to guarantee failure when you’re trying to lose weight or improve your health. The word “diet” has a very negative connotation. It is associated with denial of pleasure, high costs, calorie and carb counting, and foods that we really don’t like!

We try vegetarian diets, water diets, liquid diets, limited calorie diets, carb counting diets; we buy frozen TV dinner diets that have little or no taste…all in the name of good health.

The best diet plan is one that you can stick to, and that means a diet that doesn’t leave you feeling deprived. It means a lifestyle change, and not some miracle diet. Sure, you might lose some weight on a liquid diet – who wouldn’t? But how long are you going to be willing to maintain that diet? And when you stop, you will most likely gain the weight back – and often more, since you have been denying yourself the foods you crave.

Diet plans need to include controlled portions of the foods that you normally eat. Adding more fresh fruits and vegetable, as well as eight glasses of water a day, will help you ingest fewer calories, still leave you feeling full, and help with weight loss.

Losing weight can be a challenge, but when you go about it in a sensible manner rather than trying to follow a fad diet, you can be successful!

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  1. Sithembile Eugenia

    Diet should be you lifestyle, something you do everyday if you want to look and with that, you don’t have to be watching your weight all the time, i totally agree with you… good diet and is the best way to maintain weight you desire and feel healthy, glowing as well! Veg, fruit and planty of water works like a treat, as you said most diet are hard to maintain, best to work with what you have.

    • Christine

      Agreed. Dieting is a waste of time. Trying to eat differently and change your lifestyle for the better is hugely valuable!

  2. Karen

    I have been struggling to find a diet that works for me. Mostly I have given up on the idea of “dieting” and have been trying to make specific changes that could help me. For example, I started drinking more water, and I try to eat more services of vegetables every day. I still feel like I haven’t found the best eating plan, but I think I’m improving a little at a time.

  3. francis woods

    I think going on a diet is a big waste of time. They always fail because they tell you that you can’t do something that you have been doing for a long time. Making smart food choices is a better way to lose weight and get in shape than trying to avoid this food and that.

  4. Maricel

    One thing I learned is that when you want to lose weight, you don’t have to deprive yourself of food. You just have to choose the correct food that you intake. One tip also is to eat often, like every 2-3 hrs of small amount of food. This way, your body will be able to digest the food you intake and will be able to burn it also. If you eat one big meal, tendency is your body will get tired of processing all that food and it will slow down. So all that food that was not digested will be absorbed by your body. And that is what adds up to fats and calories.

  5. Staci

    One of biggest things that are difficult for myself is dieting. It seems like the diet never works, a lot of the times exercise is a major part of it.

  6. Anna Karen

    It’s a challenge that I’ve been fighting daily for 2 years and still, I am gaining more weight. You have a point, I’ve realized that I have to lessen the food that I love especially sweet chocolates and fast food. I know it is wrong if I really want to lose weight and I am thankful I’ve read your article that gave me more inspiration to lose weight.

  7. Helen Bianca Suarez

    I hate diets and eating controlled portions just seems madness to me! I just try to do my best and not eat lots of fatty, processed foods like chips, chocolate, candy, etc. I eat just a little bit of each and I don’t do it often. I eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and home cooked food and drink water before every meal so that I don’t eat more than I should. Sometimes the body needs water but we mistakenly think it is hungry.

  8. Fatema

    I agree with you Ellie that if you don’t like your diet food it will not last longer then 1 or 2 weeks. So I started a liquid diet because I like juice and other sugar free water and I can pass my day on it without any problem.

  9. Dee

    I truly believe that it shouldn’t be a “diet” but lifestyle changes. Instead of stating you can only eat “this, this and that”, choose to eat clean or eat 90% that way.
    Make choices and indeed increase that water. If that means you have to place a small amount of cordial in to do so, then do so, just remember you are adding calories.
    Don’t be afraid of calories either, as it isn’t always about the calories but rather where you are getting the calories from.

  10. Winnie

    From my observations and personal experience, diet plans don’t work because people see them as a temporary fix. Something they’re only doing for a month or two months, and then when they reach their goal weight they fall right back into the habits they had before.

  11. allison

    I think and diet that restricts you from eating something that you normally eat, is not going to work for very long. Eat smaller portions throughout the day and avoid sweets if possible. Making sensible choices is the way to do it.

  12. Maronne

    Dieting is really a try and error. Some plans work out for you, some dont.

    You can never say for sure, what is the best way, but after testing you know which work better than other methods. I go slower pace now, because the fast way didnt work at all.

  13. Alexandra

    There’s so many fake diet plans online which you have pay for. People should consult someone who knows what he/she is doing when it comes to diet plans. I haven’t tried any plans yet but I am actually planning to. I have consulted some people from the fitness centre and they’ve been really helpufl and friendly to me.

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