Does Chocolate Make You Fat?

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Chocolate… a fatty treat? or part of a healthy diet? In this post we discuss the good the bad and the ugly.


  1. Brooke D

    I quit chocolate 3 years ago. It was the only way I could control myself. Now I am back onto dark chocolate but only very small amounts on special occasions. It’s nice for it to be a treat again instead of part of my every day diet!

  2. Carmen

    I love myself some chocolate but I try to eat only 2 or 3 pieces a day but only dark chocolate, at least 70% cocoa. I honestly don’t believe in having a sugar free diet and staying away from any sugary treat out of the blue because your body can’t adapt this fast to such a drastic change, especially if you used to have something sweet every day. Take things slowly and try to replace unhealthy, sugary snacks with dark chocolate and you will manage to lose weight but also have something sweet.

  3. Pamela

    Brooke I am the same as you. I just eat dark chocolate these days. I find that normal chocolate is way too sweet for me now!

  4. Ana

    I think eating chocolate once in a while is perfectly fine. However, too much of anything is harmful and chocolate is no different.

    If you love chocolate, try to eat it sometimes but not regularly. If you are overweight or obese, perhaps it is good to avoid chocolate.

  5. Sarah

    I do not know if chocolate has any benefit to our body. But one thing is for sure, chocolate always tastes good.

    I think it is better to avoid chocolate as much as possible. After all, it is a processed food and we know processed foods are never good for our bodies.

  6. Rexie

    I am 100% guilty about this, I eat a lot and I really love chocolates since I was a kid. I know that everything too much is bad for our health.

  7. Linn

    I don’t know, I never had it with chocolate. It’s enjoyable…but my sin has always been bread and pastry. Maybe you can do an article on that in the future?

    But anyway, I think it’s hard for people to quit chocolate. My hubby LOVES it and I know how cranky he can get if it doesn’t get his daily fix :/ Must food always be an addiction nowadays? I’m personally blaming the sugar they put in everything, in chocolate more so.

  8. Roxxy

    I know that chocolate can mess up your diet plan. But in very large amount it can be problem for you. I eat dark chocolate everyday after dinner with my family but in small amount like 1-2 piece only. It will not create any problem at all.

  9. paula

    I think it’s all about moderation. I eat a little a couple of times a week as a dessert and I don’t feel any guilt over that. You have to feed healthy food to your body but sometimes you also have to feed your soul…you know get that “hmmm that’s so good feeling”. I don’t think I will ever give up chocolate it’s my simple indulgence.

    • Bert

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  10. Wendy

    I’m not sure bout other forms of chocolate, but dark chocolate is meant to be really healthy for you. It’s packed with antioxidants, helps control blood sugar, hardens tooth enamel, and aids cognitive function.

  11. Claire

    Well gosh I hope not. Chocolate is/was (still is) my downfall when it comes to dieting. Though, what I found that helps is buying the little chocolate chip bags, and limiting myself to 5 morsels a day. Usually the first 2 included in a snack, and the remainder for my pre-workout snack after dinner. To stop myself from devouring the whole bag I make granola bars with the rest for the kids, and cookies if I’m feeling cheaty.

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