Can Jogging Burn Belly Fat?

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Uurgr belly fat. When did this happen?

In today’s modern (and oh so hectic) lifestyle, fat on the belly can mount up… almost unnoticed. Then one day you’re looking at yourself in the mirror and BAM you notice it, your belly is beginning to hang down!

Belly fat can be burned with many different methods. Like simple changing your eating and increasing your level of activity. Jogging is quite popular because it requires little or no extra equipment and you can do it almost anywhere without requiring a trainer or professional.

Jogging is a great cardiovascular exercise. It increases the rate at which the heart and lungs work, thus benefiting your general health. There is no magic exercise that will target and lose fat from any one part of your body but jogging is a great way to lose weight from all over your body. It also helps to strengthen and tone up your legs, and provides healthy benefits for your heart, lungs and upper body too.

A short but intense 20 minute jog can really be beneficial when included in a regular workout schedule. But can jogging, on it’s own, help you burn off all those extra pounds in your mid-section?

The answer to that is very ambiguous. For one thing, jogging (and all other cardio exercises) does not target any specific part of the body for weight loss. Rather, it induces full body weight loss, health, and fitness.

Another thing to consider is the fact that aerobic exercises and cardio is better than resistance training when it comes to losing weight, especially belly fat. This means that if you want to lose your belly fat, jogging is a far better option than weight lifting and muscle training.

A study undertaken by Duke University studied 196 overweight participants over a period of eight months. The study looked at the efficiency of aerobic (cardio) exercises and resistance training when it comes to burning the fat that is stored in the mid-section. The study found that while resistance training is great for increasing overall body strength and booting lean body mass, aerobic exercises and cardio is a better bet for losing belly fat because the latter burns far more calories than the former.

The study also showed that cardio activities (such as jogging) reduced significantly the amount of visceral fat and liver fat found in the body, reducing your chances of getting heart diseases and diabetes. Resistance training did not offer the same advantage. It concludes that cardio activities burn 67% more calories than resistance training can.

The conclusion seems an obvious one. Jogging is a great and simple but extremely powerful exercise. The direct result of your jogging activities is determined by how much you put into it. If you are jogging to lose belly fat, target the time and it will actually work for you but if you’re just jogging to keep in shape than that will work for you too. It is important that you determine what you will gain from the exercise before getting into it, this will help motivate you and keep you jogging as you lose that belly fat.


  1. Kat Welsh

    I jogged for years with the only outcome being a bigger butt! Since then I have focused more on interval training, jog then spring, jog then sprint, etc.

    I know everyone is different, but jogging just doesn’t work for me!

    • bandana

      Are u girl? Then your after Jogging butts must be very beautiful!!

  2. hannah simpson

    Why is belly fat the hardest to get rid of but the easiest to put on? I have worked on mine forever and situps, crunches and other ab exercises don’t do anything. I am combining HIIT with regular cardio and I think I am seeing results already! :)

    • Monica Brown

      Hannah HIIT is a sure fire way to lose it. Remember that diet is key too. It will happen, give it time and stay dedicated.

  3. Maddie

    A tight tummy is a nice sight especially with bikini season coming up. Jogging is really a big part of a nice stomach.

  4. Opelia

    Yes, it really depends on how much effort you give when you are jogging to get more results and be sure not to eat more after because your effort will just go to waste.

  5. Katie

    There is no doubt that jogging is one of the most effective cardio exercises a person can do. The best part is, it is very easy to do.

    Doing 30 minutes of jogging can do wonders to your body, specially if you are trying to lose weight.

  6. Marcia

    Jogging is a universal exercise. People from every nation are familiar with this exercise, which makes it extremely well known.

    Can jogging burn belly fat? The answer is yes! Jogging can help you to burn fat, provided you do it regularly and you do it at a brisk pace.

    Great article, I loved it.

  7. Melissa

    It does, but it requires more effort and energy to get better results. Everyday jogging is part of my daily routine and I know that it helps maintain my physical fitness.

  8. Alicia

    Burning fat is always a calories game. Burning calories is cardio, pure and simple. Weight training is important for toning but just from my own body, I know when I stop running, that fat starts creeping back on.

    Apart from burning belly fat – jogging is also so very peaceful and meditative…there’s nothing better than spending a beautiful morning jogging in the park.

  9. Kittu

    Daily jogging is best exercise as you suggested. I go for jogging every morning, I run for 8-10 minutes and then 15-20 minutes of jogging. It can make you full of energy for whole day and improve your fitness. But the weight loss rate is very low then other exercise but it can improve overall fitness of your body.

  10. Andreea

    I think that everybody thinks jogging burns belly fat because it strengthens your core. Sure, it shapes your legs, but it also really works the abs because you need those to stay on your feet and balanced and stuff.

    I would definitely recommend jogging for building a beautiful physique, because it really does give a leaner look, not just a smaller belly!

  11. MO

    I don’t think it can be used for spot reducing (i.e., jogging to lose fat on the stomach specifically). However, it is a good exercise to use for overall fat loss because it works out your entire body, not just one muscle group.

  12. Casey

    I agree that jogging and HIIT work really well if your goal is to trim your waist because it to give your metabolism a kick-start though.

  13. shannon

    Jogging does burn belly fat but it tales longer to do than with any other part of the body. Staying patient and keeping at the workouts will produce results, it just takes time.

  14. Annie

    Jogging is very beneficial for the entire body but I do not think it can make any difference to your belly, on its own. You need a proper workout routine in order to lose that stubborn belly fat, but combine this with some jogging and you will get a great body as a result!

  15. Shyla

    Jogging is my one and only favourite sport, about 10 years ago when I was in my 20s I was really fat, then my family suggested I should start jogging slowly to decrease my body fat and so I did. It was really hard at the beginning but I had my family supporting me and I did not give up. Now after ten years I am really happy with myself and I still enjoy jogging. I recommend jogging to everyone and if it seems hard at first, don’t give up and one day you’ll love it!

  16. Victoria

    I started jogging almost a year ago and my body’s improved so much. I don’t do any other forms of cardio, just running. Some people say that running doesn’t really burn fat and it just builds endurance, but after a year of doing it I know that they were all wrong because my body has transformed since I started.

  17. Gabriella

    I never was big on jogging but a few months ago I tried going for a run with my dogs and because I tend to get bored when running I switched it up and did intervals. I ran for 3 minutes then ran super fast for 30 seconds; I repeated this cycle for about 20 minutes and I was super exhausted after this. The thing is, both my legs and abs were sore so jogging definitely works your abdominal muscles.

  18. sandeep

    I am getting result quickly while doing 45 min of jog, run and hiit parallelly.

  19. Gelo

    Nice article!
    Big thanks

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