Be a Liver Lover

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Do you smoke or drink too much? Then maybe it’s now the time for you to change and live a healthy lifestyle. It’s now the right time for you to be a health conscious enthusiast. By living a healthy lifestyle you can prolong your life… and… maybe even more important, you can look slimmer, healthier and feel better!

At exactly the same time these things are extending your life, they are making you look and feel great in the here and now. So if living to a ripe old age in good health isn’t motivating enough, then perhaps having the body of your dreams is.

You may already have a healthy or at least healthy-ish lifestyle. But even then, there is always a chance you will accumulate toxins. Even drinking the tap water in almost any modern city is packed with chemicals and “treatments”… all of which can damager your liver and health.

Detoxifying your liver is very good so you can help your body release all the toxins, fats, old cholesterol, gallstone, poisons, drug residues and other toxic waste in the body.

There are some symptoms that can tell you that you need to detoxify such as having blemishes, discoloration in whites of eyes, difficulty perspiring, nausea, body odor, hormonal imbalance, colitis, bruises, multiple food allergies, frequent coughs and varicose veins.

To detoxify your body will surely be beneficial to you. Here are some tips that you can do to detoxify your liver:

Every morning, after your cleansing drink you must eat fresh fruit and vegetable juice that you want to drink. For lunch, you can have some salads and juice. Avoid having artificial juices and salad dressing. For dinner eat fresh fruit and drink fruit juices. Also, some foods and vegetables can help you detoxify your liver such as garlic, grapes, carrots, leafy green vegetables and green tea.

After your morning flush always drink more water and herbal tea. Teas and water can relatively help your body release all the toxins.

Avoid drinking alcohols and artificial drinks. Avoid smoking because too much exposure in smoke can also put toxins to your body.

Avoid some detox detractors such as sweet foods, white rice, products made from white flour, barley products and soy beans.

The liver plays a vital role in the human body. It is responsible for the production of bile, restoration of glucose, vitamins A, D, B12 and K. It also serves as the body’s natural detoxifier that breaks down toxic components such as metabolic waste, alcohol and chemicals. It is the organ that helps to maintain the cleanliness of the human body. Although it is the detoxifier of the human body the people must also help the liver to do function well because too much exposure from toxic can also damage the liver. Without the liver, a person cannot live well.


  1. Jenny

    I agree. If you have a healthy body you can have a long and happy life with your family and friends. A healthy body can also enhance your capacity to do your daily role in life and everyday activities. People must take care of their body to be able to enjoy life. By being a health enthusiast you can be a better person and for us women we can be a better daughter, wife and mother.

    • Mother

      Yes, us mothers have so many things and tasks to do. Doing household chores and working can bring too much stress to a woman. To do all the tasks that we do our body must always be in good condition. We should always be healthy for our husband and children because how could we do our tasks as a mother if we are feeling sick.

  2. Robin S.

    I have found that by cleansing my liver I have been able to reach an overall good condition of my body, because the liver is essential for processing liquids. You need to maintain a healthy liver because it is one way to maintain a good healthy condition

  3. Izi

    Detoxifying your body is one way for you to release all the toxins in your body. But you need to exercise your body also so that you can achieve a total healthy body condition.

  4. Eugenia

    This is such a great post and i agree with you liver plays a very important role in our body, we need to love and help it to do it job properly by eating good food that norish our body and we’ll feel healthier . Detoxifying your body 0nes ar twice a year could help and there’s so much foods that clean and unclog your liver naturally, with a healthy liver… you won’t store no fat!

  5. quincey

    I didn’t realize that the liver was such an important organ and that it controls so much of your body’s other functions. I am going to start a detox system today and see what kind of effects it will have on me.

  6. Megan

    Looking at my friends that drink very often and how this will destroy their livers, this detox looks like the best thing for them and I will link them to this page.

    • Maud

      I’m not quite sure how to say this; you made it exrlmeety easy for me!

  7. Anne Petersen

    I detoxed for a few weeks last year. After that I lived on fruit and exercised and got a lot of sun for about 2 months at my vacation home. It was incredible, I have never felt that good in my whole life. I’m going to do it again this summer.

  8. Keneth

    Wow! An eye opening post and everyone should care about our liver. I already have a healthy lifestyle but now I am certified a liver lover. Thanks to this post and now I am planning to influence more people about it.

  9. Maria S.

    I’ve been drinking tap water almost all my life and only recently (two months ago) stopped because a friend showed me a video that scared the life out of me! Long story short I can’t believe I feel a lot better by only doing this! I feel more energetic now! A few months back I would get tired after doing a little work around the house but not anymore! Lesson learned: don’t drink tap water!

  10. Paula

    Such an awesome article about living healthy and long life. As you suggested, every morning I drink 2-3 glass of water then morning walk followed by green tea.

    • Chubby

      That’s a knowing answer to a dilffcuit question

  11. Cassandra

    I have to share this because my friends are all hard drinkers and I know this will them realize that they should do something about it. I like the title “ Be a Liver Lover” .

  12. Alicia

    My diet is not very good but still moderate. I don’t really decide to detox until I start feeling sluggish or if I have really abused my Liver, like around Christmas time. New year is usually a heavy detox for me, not because of resolutions but because I know my body needs a rest.

  13. Resa

    These are great tips. My mother always told me that lemon water is a good detoxifier and it’s really worked well for me. I’ve found that when I start the day with a cup of it, I’m happier, calmer, and my stomach is a little flatter.

  14. winnie pardot

    How long does a liver detox take? Should I do it regularly or just once in a while? It seems easy to do and I have everything I need in the cupboard already.

  15. Melly

    It’ll be hard to protect my liver :)
    No alcohol and sweets? Thats a hard task. But it’s for yourself to decide about your health.
    Anyway, great article, people should think about it.

  16. Ali

    I really should get around to having a good detox. I don’t always feel we need detoxes from certain foods as that really is what the liver’s purpose is but I don’t believe the liver was ever intended to filter toxins like metals and alcohol, so giving it a rest through detox is a good idea.

  17. Alenda

    I am not a person who drinks alot of alcohol but I have been a smoker for a long time. Recently I have started to gain weight and I do not know what might be the problem. I eat as much as I usually eat but still I am gaining weight. I do abit sports but that is not helping at all. What might be the problem?

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