7 Fat Burning Foods

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As crazy as it may sound, there are actually foods that almost force your body to burn fat. And no, I don’t mean that some foods are simply better for losing weight, I mean that certain foods burn more calories to digest then they actually contain.

It’s sometimes called to as the “Thermic Effect Of Food” and, in simple words, refers to the energy burned through digestion of food.

Some foods are better than others for this. Take celery for example. Two stalks contain roughly 20 calories, and yet, it takes more calories just to digest them, than the 20 they include!

Here are 7 more…

  1. Spicy Foods: Hot pepper and chili are great fat burning foods. They have a high thermogenic effect, which helps burn your fat away. Spicy foods also help in speeding up your metabolism and are perfect to include in your weight loss diet.
  2. Whole Grains: foods such as brown rice and oatmeal are great in fat burning because it takes twice as many calories to fully break down these foods than processed foods.
  3. Lean Meat: Protein, which exists in meat, also has a thermogenic effect. However, you may want to stay away from the fat found in most meat. Instead, go for lean meat so you get the benefits of eating protein without the added calories. White chicken breasts are perfect examples of lean meat. Avoid frying the meat to limit your fat intake.
  4. Low-Fat Dairy: Dairy products have gotten such bad reputations lately. Don’t worry. Eating the right kinds of dairy products can even help your body speed up its metabolism. Choose low fat dairy products as they contain high level of calcium and vitamin D, and help build muscle.
  5. Bananas: these are perfect for your diet plan. The resistant starch found in bananas help in burning fats after you eat them. This prevents your body from storing and accumulating fat in the long run.
  6. Green Tea: this can also help you burn some extra fat. It helps you digest your food quickly. It’s best to drink about 4 cups of green tea throughout the day.
  7. Nuts: almonds and pistachios help in building muscles, which helps speed up your metabolism indirectly. These are perfect alternatives to your snacks. So, the next time you want to mindlessly eat chips, reach for the bowl of nuts instead.


  1. Layla

    I tried switching from low-fat dairy products to organic dairy and my body didn’t notice the difference. But when it comes to the actual taste, my taste buds go wild after eating some fresh yoghurt, even if it has 10% fat. The key is to control yourself and go for quality over quantity.

  2. Carmen

    I had no idea that green tea can help up burn some fat . Extremely useful topic . Thank a lot !

  3. Adedesire

    Wat are d best tea dat one can use to slim down qucikily

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