5-Minute Exercise Helps You Reduce Cellulite

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By doing this every morning, you will naturally begin to remove cellulite and help your skin recover. What you need to do is…

Find an open space in your bedroom or living room and perform the air squats. These stimulate your back and inner thigh to reduce cellulite.


  1. Pamela

    I loved this. Best part is that I can do it in 5 minutes and from the comfort of my home.

  2. Stephanie

    Definitely very useful video. It is short and straightforward.

    I am sure anybody can manage 5 minutes out of her life to try this exercise. You can literally do this exercise anywhere, be it on the park, on the gym, or even at home. The simplicity of this exercise makes it a very doable exercise.

  3. Mina

    Squats are the best thing you can do for your butt. Only by doing a few minutes of these a day I got real, visible results in under two weeks. I mean, damn! That’s as close to a miracle bubble but cure as you can get.

    I love doing them, and now I’m thinking of doing the 30 day squat challenge, too. You guys should check it out 😀

  4. Lyra

    Great video, I can do this exercise in no time during busy schedule. And the main point is that we can do it anywhere and without any equipment. And it will take 2-3 weeks to make effect.

  5. paula

    I love this and the best part is that you don’t actually need to go to a gym to do it. I need to get into and look decent in my bathing suit asap.

  6. Laura Jenkins

    OMG…I’m totally trying this out. I need to get rid of my cottage cheese looking bum. Best part is it’s only 5 minutes and I can do it at home. Love it and trying it starting today.

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