5 Dieting Tips For Your Summer Holiday

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The summer holidays are almost upon us, and for many of us going on holiday with our families, the countdown to chaos has begun. Visas, shots, and foreign currency is often only the beginning when it comes to preparing for a vacation: you also have to stock up on suncream, spare T-shirts, and the inevitable running out of batteries/chargers conundrum. But plenty of women, caught up in the rush of trying to make sure that everything is ready for their family, has forgotten one thing: the diet.

Now, keeping to a diet is difficult enough when you are at home, and it is possible at any point to order in a takeaway with more calories than your daily allowance. But what about when you’re on holiday? Meals out, snacks, treats, cocktails, and all the rest of the gorgeous food and drink that naturally comes with a holiday is just teeming with things that you are not meant to eat, or not supposed to eat in bulk. But at the same time, you don’t want to dampen the mood of the holiday, and refuse to eat or drink anything special or exciting.

It’s an incredibly frustrating problem, and it is why so many women return from their summer trip with a great tan, and an extra inch around their waist. Because really, what else can you do?

We believe that there is something that you can do. If you follow these five easy tips whilst you are away on your travels, then it should be easy for you to keep to the diet that you (almost) stick to the rest of the year:

1. Drink plenty of water.
Not only will that stave off the problem of dehydration, but it will help you to stop snacking. According to a study around 80% of the time that we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty. If we just drank enough, we would find ourselves to full to snack continuously. While you are on holiday, always carry a water bottle around with you, and try to drink two of them a day.

2. Say no to pudding every other day.
You may have avoided puddings and sweet things totally at home, but this is your holiday after all. You don’t want it to be exactly like home ñ but you don’t want to go wild. Keeping yourself to this rule will mean that you can indulge without feeling guilty.

3. Have one mocktail for every two cocktails.
Alcohol has a huge number of calories in, which many people don’t realise. By substituting in a mocktail (or a cocktail with no alcohol in it) for every two cocktails you drink, you’ll save on money and calories. This rule goes over days, though, so if you have two cocktails one day, the next stay you have to start your drinking with a mocktail.

4. Split the big carbs with your children or partner.
When you eat out, there is nothing you can do to control the portion sizes that you’ll be given, and that is often our downfall. But if you are forced to look at a huge number of fries or potatoes, just calmly divide them between other little hungry mouths that will happily accept them. This means that nothing goes to waste, but nothing goes to your waist either!

5. Don’t forget to smile!
You’re on holiday! It would be unreasonable to expect you to be an absolute saint, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t have fun ñ and if you follow these five rules properly, you should be able to return home with a smile on your face for more than one reason.


  1. Karly

    Alcohol and Carbs are my biggest enemy on holiday so when not drinking, I try to constantly have water with me ( drinking it constantly too).
    I also make sure I walk about everywhere. There is still room for improvement but like you say, we are on holiday!

  2. Danielle

    Carbs and alchool are the bane of my nutritional existence during holidays. I just can’t keep away from them in the name of having a good time.
    However, it all depends on how active you are during said holiday. For example, I just returned from Rome and lost 3 lbs in just one week! Even if I gorged on pizza and pasta, I walked so much that I lost weight instead of gaining lol

    So really, consider what you are doing on that holiday, and restrict or be lax accordingly.

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