4 Surefire Tips To Lose Fat Around Your Waist

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You won’t need us to describe to you just how disappointing it is, to pick yourself a nice new outfit from the shops, try it on, and find it hugging and clinging to your body, emphasizing every single curve and contour of your body, making it look as if you’ve swallowed a small tire. Not only will you have wasted money, but you’ll also now have made yourself feel lousy, and if you’re anything like us, you may even find yourself reaching for the very things that caused your problems in the first place, namely, the wine and some chocolates.

Yes, having large reserves of body fat around the waist is certainly not very nice, yet with a little help and know-how, you can banish that blubber from your stomachs for good. Here are just 4 simple tips to help get you started.

  • Work your cores more – If you find yourselves exercising but not seeing the results you were hoping for, then don’t give up, but rather switch things up a little. Many women tend to focus more on cardio than they do on working their cores in the first place. your core is your midsection including your abdominal muscles, and if you want to target fat-loss specifically from these areas, you’re going to have to actually work these areas. Simple exercises such as crunches, the plank, and leg raises are all great examples of exercises that help to tone your stomach muscles and burn away the fat covering them in the first place.
  • Cut out the junk (including the wine and chocolate) – If you’re serious about losing fat from your waists, or anywhere for that matter, then you’re going to have to make some changes to your diet. Whereas before you may have eaten frozen processed ready meals, followed by some biscuits and a glass or two of wine, you’ll now have to opt for fresh, natural, low-fat foods including plenty of fruit and veg. Instead of the wine, you should aim at drinking mineral or filtered water instead. Wine, or any alcoholic beverage for that matter, is nothing but empty calories, but not only that, but it can also actually slow down the metabolism, making it harder to actually lose weight.
  • Get more exercise – Again, it may sound like a no-brainer, but it has to be said that in order to lose fat from anywhere and everywhere on your body, you will need to exercise in order to burn off those calories. How you exercise is entirely up to you. You could go walking, swimming, jogging, to the gym, to the leisure centre, do more house work, or even get a little more exercise in the bedroom *wink wink. Anything that gets your heart rate up is burning calories, so find something you enjoy and stick with it, even if it’s simply 1 or 2 nights a week, it’s still more than you were doing previously.
  • Get enough sleep – The metabolism is just like the human body, it needs to be well rested in order to perform and function at its best. For that reason, getting enough sleep can be hugely beneficial for anybody looking to get in shape and lose weight, as the more efficient the metabolism, the more calories will be burnt, and the more fat you’ll lose, and as your waist is generally where the body stores the most fat, this will be where it taps into first in order to provide itself with the energy needed to get through the day.


  1. Natalie

    I managed to lose 3 inches off my waist by simply eating cleaner and having smaller and more frequent meals. I used to skip breakfast, have some fast food for lunch and eat like there’s no tomorrow when I got home but I was still hungry. Now I have three meals and 2-3 snacks and I want to start working-out to tone my trouble areas.

  2. Helen

    I think cutting off the junk is super important – not to mention you can have a lot of waist padding simply from being bloated all the time! I’ve cut out dairy, banans and beans and I lost 1 inch from my waist – wtf, right?

    Eating clean is the best method of losing inches off your waist. Junk just piles up there and on the thighs.

  3. Gabriela

    Thank you for the tips. I have recently had to clothes strangling my waist problem and really want to make a change to my lifestyle to stop this occurring. Just by changing what foods and drinks I intake I really think I can lose a fair bit of weight.

  4. Tanya

    I recently stopped drinking about ohh three weeks ago. I had been drinking for quite a while and packed on a whole lot of weight which is never fun. Liquor is bad not only because of the high amount of calories but also the sugar content. Depending on your drink of choice different drinks can contain loads of sugar which will not help you lose weight at all. Since quitting the drinking I have also been skipping caffeine and drinking much more water. When I drank I was much more sedentary and less likely to go out and get moving and active. I would take lots of naps throughout the day and sit at home watching a lot of tv rather than taking time to exercise. Now that I am sober I have been going on walks outside for about 40 minutes to an hour every day and my energy levels are greatly increasing. After I am done online I plan to go for a walk and maybe I will even do some crunches afterward.

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