3 Benefits Of The Juice Diet

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If you’ve ever seen the hugely popular and influential documentary film ‘Fat, Sick, and nearly Dead’, you’ll understand firsthand just why juicing is becoming such a hugely popular dietary choice. If you’re not familiar with the documentary, the basic premise is that a man by the name of Joe Cross, decides that he’s tired of being overweight, unhealthy, and having to rely on medication to treat an autoimmune skin disease he suffers from, and decides to eat no whole foods for an entire 90 days, and instead get all of his nutrients from nothing but pure fruit and vegetable juices.

By the end of the 90 days, Joe looks great, is far, far healthier, has lost a huge amount of body fat, and perhaps most importantly of all, is the fact that his autoimmune disease appears to have been eradicated, meaning that he no longer has to take several forms of medication a day. Since then, the sales of juicers has gone through the roof all over the world, and when you read about just a few of the many, many benefits associated with the juice diet, you’ll understand exactly why it’s becoming so popular.

  • Juicing helps to strengthen the immune system – The immune system is the body’s natural defence against illness and disease. The weaker an immune system, the more susceptible a body is to germs and viruses, meaning it’ll be far more likely to develop an illness or disease. The stronger an immune system, the less likely a body is to become ill. The fruits and vegetables that you consume in each juice are absolutely jam-packed full of natural goodness including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These ingredients are all hugely beneficial for the immune system and help to strengthen and boost it, making you less likely to get sick.
  • Juicing is a great way of losing weight – When you juice, the foods you consume are all naturally extremely low in fat, meaning you’re following a virtually fat-free diet, whilst super charging your nutrient intake. These nutrients help to speed up the metabolism, and when you combine that with the fact that you’re consuming virtually no fat whatsoever, you won’t be surprised to learn that the weight literally falls off you. It isn’t common for a person to lose around 20lbs in 10 days on this diet.
  • You look and feel great on the juice diet – You know what people say ‘you are what you eat’, and when you actually think about this for a moment, it makes perfect sense. When you consume vast quantities of junk food, you feel and look awful. Your skin becomes greasy, pale, blotchy and spotty, your hair becomes dry, and you find yourself feeling lazy and lethargic, unable to motivate yourself to complete even the most trivial of tasks. As the fruits and vegetables you’re drinking on the juice diet are packed full of so much goodness however, within 3 days you’ll notice your energy levels increasing, your skin and hair looking and feeling healthier, and you’ll even find yourself able to think clearer as well.


  1. Christine

    Anyone have any recipe suggestions? I’ve been meaning to get into this, but I don’t know where to start and recipes to use.

  2. Amanda

    I agree, juicing really is a great way to lose weight. I’ve replaced my lunch ( and sometimes my breakfast) with vegetable-based juices and have lost weight (15lbs) and have kept it off for months now.

  3. Katherin

    I tried this a while back and it actually worked great. I lost a few pounds in a pretty short time period. The only bad thing was I started getting tired of the taste of fruit. Luckily there are so many types of fruit that you can buy. I’ll probably be trying this again before long cause although the diet wasn’t much fun, it worked great.

  4. Kiyah

    Seems like really nice benefits to drink juice and actually lose weight. I will try this out to lose some weight.

  5. Julie

    Wow that is really amazing! I want to find out more. I bookmarked this page and share it with my friend. Maybe we can try the juice diet together! I could stand to lose about sixty pounds myself. 20 in a week sounds almost unbelievable. I’d like to know what’s in that juice diet drink and how much you are supposed to consume each day. I would be concerned about feeling hungry but that is the kind of food people should be having anyway. Greens are one of the best things for you! There are so many nutrients and good health benefits from consuming them.

  6. Anna Dawson

    Thank you for this article! I live in Hollywood where there is a juice bar on every corner and on every street and even a part of the menu at regular restaurants! I’ve seen a lot of people go on dangerous juice cleanses and lemonade diets out here, only to lose a lot of hard earned lean muscle mass and not only gain back the water weight they lost, but gain double and even triple the amount of weight lost while juicing. I think juicing as part of an otherwise balanced diet is great! I stick mainly to green juices to avoid the high sugar content of the fruit containing juices unless it is immediately post a boot-camp like workout!

  7. Karina

    I have previously tried green smoothies as a replacement for breakfast however I have never done a whole 90 days only juice diet. I will have to look further into this though as it is something I am extremely interested in – who wouldn’t want the associated benefits?

  8. Jane

    I don’t feel really confident when it comes to trying this kind of diets . But after reading this topic I will try a juice diet as soon as possible .

  9. Diana

    I have never done a Juice diet, I was worried about consuming too many calories through high sugar fruit.
    I have had juices and my fave it a low calorie, Celery, apple and spinach with a bit of cinnamon.

  10. Jade

    People don’t realise just how great it is! I find myself convincing my girlfriends all the time that this deserves their attention and they need to give it a go for their own good.

  11. Selena

    I agree that Juicing helps improve the immune system. I felt a lot better when I juiced. It takes a while to get used to drink the juice especially if your not a veggie eater. I think it is wiser to use more veggies then fruit in your juice mix.

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